Responding to Jozwiak’s Desperate Smear

Tracey Golowski calls on Barry Jozwiak to apologize for lying about her family and Dave

“Hi, my name is Tracey Golowski. I was previously married to Dave Golowski, who is running for State Representative in western Berks County. Although I’m no longer married to Dave, he has my full support because his campaign is about the important issues, such as election integrity, getting rid of unconstitutional mail-in voting, preserving the Electoral College and our Second Amendment rights.

Barry Jozwiak’s personal attack on my family and me is an unwarranted and desperate smear by a career politician. I call on Barry Jozwiak to apologize for the lies that his campaign has spread in our community. I was never abused by Dave Golowski. I never feared for my safety. And I never filed for any protection against abuse order. Barry Jozwiak lied to the people by sending a mailer to them which said otherwise. The people of Berks County deserve better.

Dave Golowski has my full support and I hope he has yours, too, when we all vote this coming Tuesday, May 17th.”

Tracey Golowski looking very serious