Fight for the 5th

On April 23rd, the Berks County Republican Committee endorsed me on the first ballot! I am deeply honored by their confidence in me. They recognize that Barry Jozwiak has betrayed our trust by voting for Act 77, and he is likely to betray it again since he wants to get rid of the Electoral College.

Less Talk. More Action.

Fellow Republicans,

I’m Dave Golowski from Bern Township, the conservative running for State Representative in northwestern Berks County (5th District).

I love our beautiful commonwealth, our community, and our freedom.  No longer can I stand by and watch career politicians in Harrisburg destroy the legacy our founding fathers gave us.

When Covid came around, politicians in both parties shamefully let Tom Wolf and Richard/Rachel Levine ignore the Constitution as they crushed our small businesses, our kids’ schools, and our freedom.  I jumped into action by forming Pennsylvania Open Businesses / Defying the Governor, and rallying mom-and-pop businesses all over Pennsylvania to make a stand.  It broke my heart to watch these proud local job creators suffer at the hands of the tyrannical, tone-deaf regime in Harrisburg.  And it was infuriating to watch the people we elected to represent our values do absolutely nothing. 

The same gang of career politicians violated their Oath to the Constitution with the now infamous Act 77, which established 50 days of mail-in balloting, which helped Joe Biden and the Democrats harvest countless illegal votes.

I’ve come to realize that what’s necessary for our freedom and our values to survive is that hardworking, honest people must oust the do-nothing, double-talking career politicians. It’s the only way.

If you are tired of the same old politicians making the same old excuses for high taxes, dirty elections, and the destruction of our values and freedom, then I urge you to sign up today to help an honest, hardworking man go to Harrisburg to fight fearlessly for you, for a change.

Fighting for YOU,
Dave Golowski

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